472/2023 - SysAdmin Linux (Cybersecurity team)

Are you passionate about cybersecurity, DevOps and infrastructure automation? If you want to join a dynamic team where your cybersecurity is not the main objective, but rather your propensity for learning and growth, we have an excellent opportunity for you.

We're looking for a Linux System Administrator to join a cybersecurity team!!

This team manage all aspects of the Security Operations Center (SOC), including maintenance of support platforms like SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), among others. Their aim is to operationalize and automate these tools from an Infrastructure as Code perspective, and that's why we are looking for a profile with strong Ansible skills!


What you will need to bring:

  1. DevOps Enthusiast: We are seeking individuals with a strong background in DevOps principles, methodologies, and practices. If you're passionate about automating tasks and streamlining operations, you'll fit right in.
  2. Linux Expertise: Proficiency in Linux is a must. You should feel at home working with Linux distributions and command-line interfaces.
  3. Ansible Wizardry: We rely heavily on Ansible for automation, so experience in configuring, managing, and maintaining systems using Ansible is a significant advantage.
  4. Terraform Skills: Familiarity with Terraform for infrastructure provisioning is a plus, but we're open to candidates with varying levels of expertise.
  5. Container Technology: The team implement Podman within a container environment, similar to Docker, to streamline API testing and development processes.
  6. CI/CD Pipelines: Understanding of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines is valued.
  7. Gitlab Knowledge: Experience with Gitlab is beneficial for collaboration and version control.
  8. On-Premise Environment: Our operations are entirely on-premises, so a background in on-premises infrastructure management is necessary.

What can Syone offer me:

  • Integration in an organization with profound and sustained growth and involvement in pioneering projects with innovative technological solutions;
  • Strong IT training plans;
  • Professional evolution with intervention in ambitious technological projects, both national and internationally.

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